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Gunmetal 40 in 1 Money Clip

Gunmetal 40 in 1 Money Clip

SKU: 3699B

For those times when a wallet is too thick, get minimal with the most useful money clip around. Each Tool card comes with a removable money clip that holds up to six cards or a wad of cash. It snaps on or off in seconds with no tools required and no fasteners to lose. And the best part the bottle opener works with your credit cards in place. The Multi-tool Money Clip has no sharp or jagged edges so it won't cut your hand or damage your wallet.


Tools include: ruler, small flathead screwdriver, metric ruler, Phillips screwdriver, money clip, prybar with nail puller, speed square, cord cutter, large flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, protractor, can opener, 5mm-13mm metric wrenches, open-ended wrenches, 1/4 inch hex bit holder, straight edge, 5/16. 1/2 inch wrenches, inch ruler, 3/16 inch wrench, 9/16 inch wrench, 15mm wrench and box opener.