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Sugar + Spice

Sugar + Spice


The perfect dose of sugar and spcie!   Beautifully wrapped with holiday ribbon and preserved eucalpytus. 

BOXX includes:

  • Tea with Tae ~ Bombay Chai tea ~1 mini tea tube = 5 tea sachets. A twist on traditional chai, this tea is blended with whole-leaf Orange Pekoe black tea leaves from Assam and sensational spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves. Get a boost of energy with every sip!
  • Vermont Raw Honey~ Winner of a 2021 Good Food Award, the unique flavor of our Vermont wildflower honey is the product of the location of our bee yards in Vermont and the particular variety of plants and flowers our bees visit. This raw honey is unlike anything most people have experienced. Size- 8oz
  • 6" Honey Dipper ~These cute little honey dippers come are created with natural wood, and are food-grade safe! They are durable, lightweight & a wonderful addition for honey products.
  • Crispy Orange Slices | Snack Pack ~These snack packets are our perfect single-serve packages to snack on and travel with and add to lunches. They also make a great addition to your beverages. By maintaining the integrity of a fresh orange in its color, aroma, and flavor, Dardimans' slices are as close to the fresh fruit as possible.