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  • Can I modify one of your custom curated boxes?
    Unfortunately, you can not modify one of our pre-made BOXXs; however, we offer a variety of size options for most of our boxes, so be sure to check the drop down list for Box Sizes. You can also head over to our "Create your own BOXX" page and create your own boxx. All of the products in our pre-made BOXXs can be found in this section or in our "Products" tab.
  • Do I have to create a BOXX or can I just order products?
    You do not have to create a BOXX. You can order as many individual products as you would like from our products tab! Shop away!!
  • What do your shipping BOXXs look like?
    All of our Custom Curated BOXXs are shipping in our specialty BOXX as pictured below. We have 2 sizes to ensure all of your items fit. If you are just ordering products for yourself or choose our "Create Your Own BOXX" option, then you will have the option to either ship your items in our specialty BOXX or a plain mailer box.
  • Can I send multiple BOXXs to different addresses?
    You will need to create seperate transactions if you are wanting to ship items or BOXXs to different addreess.
  • Do you offer corporate gifting?
    Yes, we do offer corporate gifting. Whether you need 10 gifts or 100+, we can create custom gift boxes to suit your need. Visit our Custom & Corporate gifts page to learn more!
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