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Fruit & Berry Oolong Mini Tea Tube

Fruit & Berry Oolong Mini Tea Tube


1 mini tea tube = 5 tea sachets


Made with legendary Ti Kuan Yin oolong leaves from China, known for their light floral taste and clean finish, our Fruit & Berry Oolong is a delectably sweet blend of oolong, real dried fruit bits, and hibiscus. Every sip bursts with fruitiness and a sweet mouthfeel. If you enjoy fruit salads and melon, then our Fruit & Berry Oolong is for you.


The perfect on-the-go or travel companion, each mini tea tube contains 5 eco-friendly (bio-degradable & plastic-free) tea pyramid sachets, which are perfect for enjoying sophisticated tea blends without the need for any steeping hardware.

  • Caffeine level: Light (3-4 cups of oolong tea = 1 cup of coffee)
  • Ingredients- Oolong tea leaves, dried fruit, fennel seeds, hibiscus, natural and artificial berry flavors
  • Preparation: Water temperature: 212º F; Water amount: 8 oz; Steep time: 5-6 min